Design and Develop Websites & Landing Pages

Makfy provides web-designing services through its team of developers and designers who are highly skilled in web designing. The website interactive features are activated to make it easier for customers to communicate and to attract new customers. There are many companies or individuals who want to create a website to display their products and services online. There are many features that you can take advantage of when creating your own website with Makfy, such as:

  • Provide a WordPress dashboard, which make it easy for you to deal with and make changes to the website content, such as texts, pictures, or titles etc.
  • Provide an explanatory video of the website control panel to help you make amendments and changes to the website easily.
  • Display your content online to possible and current customers through the exclusive content writing service, in case you don’t have your own content.
  • Save time and effort in communicating with customers and replying to their inquiries and orders.
  • Online marketing and e-commerce displaying which can increase the company’s production capacity and customers’ communication.
  • Reach a huge number of possible customers, as companies or individuals with websites can reach a huge number of possible customers who are looking for similar products and services online.
  • Clients with websites can relatively save time and money and can also save costs related to dealing with customers online comparing to conventional ways of dealing with customers.

Different companies and individuals can take advantage of a website, whatever their businesses are, such as companies, brands and individuals who want to create a website to display their products and services online. Clients in the business of marketing, education or training can use this service to achieve the targeted commercial and educational goals, in addition to other businesses that can get a customized website by Makfy.